Tactics To Assist With Selling Your Houseboat


If you would like to sell your houseboat before moving across the country to begin a new career, the following tips will assist with attracting potential buyers and increasing your odds of sealing a deal with one of them. 

Clean The Houseboat Before Providing Photos To A Realtor

Pressure wash the boat's exterior to remove mildew, dust, and dirt particles. Add a fresh coat of paint to surfaces that are chipped and apply a coat of wax to the boat's body to increase its shine. Remove personal items from the boat's deck and interior and replace the items with basic furnishings and decor that complement that colors of the watercraft's exterior and living quarters. Place nautical decorations throughout the boat, such as large shells, lighthouses, or boat-themed paintings.

Take pictures of the houseboat from several angles. Carefully look through the photos before selecting the ones that you like the best. Bring the pictures with you when you visit with a realtor so that they can add them to the real estate listing that they are preparing for you.

Get Ready For Tours

Purchase a large colorful banner that announces the date and time for each tour of the houseboat. Hang streamers along the boat's railing and tie balloons to stable items that are on the boat's deck. Prepare some appetizers and cold beverages and place them on the deck's patio table and the table that is inside of the dining area. When people stop by to go on one of the tours they will be greeted with a festive atmosphere and may be appreciative of the hospitality that you have provided.

As people indulge in the food and drinks that you have provided, welcome them to ask you questions and allow them to take their time walking around the deck and inside the watercraft so that they can fully appreciate what the boat has to offer.

Offer Additional Information Concerning The Boat's History

Write a list of key facts about the houseboat, such as how long you have been the owner, repairs that were recently made, and items that may need to be serviced in the near future. Make copies of the list and arrange them in a stack before setting them on a table that is near the boat's entranceway. Fill a couple photo albums with pictures of the boat over the course of time that you resided in it. As potential buyers arrive to view the houseboat, offer each one a copy of the boat's history and give them the opportunity to look through the photo albums.  

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11 May 2017

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