Going to an Open House? Be Sure to Ask These Four Questions


Going to an open house will help give you an idea of what kind of homes are for sale in your market and potentially help you find the home you have been looking for. With the agent at the open house, it gives you the opportunity to ask them some questions about the property that you may not be able to figure out by looking at the listing. Be sure to ask these four questions before you leave.

When Are the Sellers Taking Offers?

Asking the agent this question will give you an idea of how quickly the owners are looking to sell their home. You can get a general feel out of the agent as to whether they are looking to sell the home quickly or are currently getting a lot of interest. They may suggest that you get an offer in quickly because other offers have already been received.

Why Is the Home Being Sold?

While this question may seem a bit personal, you will be surprised at what information an agent is willing to tell you. They may let you know that the seller has started a new job in another state or that the home belonged to a relative that has passed away. This will give you some insight as to why the owner is moving as well. If you discover that the home is being sold because the family upgraded to a new home down the block, this may tell you that the house is not ideal.

Was the Home Being Rented?

This is a great question to ask because owners and renters typically treat the property a bit differently if the property has been rented out. If the property was rented out, you may have issues with the renters not performing regular maintenance on the appliances or just being a bit rougher with how they lived in the home. An owner-occupied home may have had more care taken with it over the year, resulting in a house with fewer problems. While the actual condition of the home will vary depending on the actual people who lived in the home, the answer the agent gives to this question could help give you some insight.

Were Renovations Made to the Home?

Always ask whether the owner made renovations to the home while they were in it, and then take a closer look at those renovations while you are there in person. For example, you may pay extra attention to a room that was added as an addition, seeing whether anything was done oddly or incorrectly in the process.

For more advice on questions to ask, ask your own real-estate agent.


18 January 2017

Prioritizing Your Wish List

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