Give Your House A Turnkey Feel To Overcome A Stale Market


When the real estate market in your city is stale, you may find that your house sits on the market for a number of months with little to no serious interest from buyers. A price drop may generate interest in your listing, but if you've already priced the house as competitively as you can, you might not be keen on lowering this number further. One approach that you can take is to give your house a turnkey feel — that is, make it as move-in ready as possible so that people won't feel that they need to invest a lot of money into getting the house up to par. Here are some ways that you can achieve this goal.

Paint In Neutral Colors

You might favor bold hues in certain rooms in your house, but you shouldn't expect that others will share this same sentiment. People may stay away from homes that need to be thoroughly repainted, so it's often a good idea to paint each of your rooms in a neutral color. These colors don't all have to be the same, but off-white, cream, light taupe, and other such colors are often viewed as acceptable by buyers. This can give your house more of a turnkey feel — and help you sell it.

Increase The Livable Space

Many house shoppers mentally divide the homes they visit into livable and non-livable space. If your home contains much of the latter, it may be more difficult to sell in a stale market. For example, a 500-foot unfinished basement isn't what many people refer to as livable. However, if you take the time to install flooring, put in suspended ceilings, and generally boost the look of the basement, it will serve to make your home more desirable and prevent people from feeling that they'd need to invest time and money to bring the residence up to their standards.

Address Problems That Will Soon Require Attention

When people view homes, they're assessing not only what needs immediate attention, but also what will need attention in a year or two. While your roof might be OK when you list your home for sale, a visual inspection can often indicate that it will need replacing in another year. The same goes for worn-out windows, a cracked driveway, and other similar things. Even if something doesn't need immediate attention, addressing it proactively can increase the likelihood that people will view your home as a turnkey purchase.

Tips like these will help your home compete with other featured homes for sale.


28 December 2016

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