Tips For Finding A Dog-Friendly Home


Shopping for a new home means keeping in mind the needs of everyone in your family, including your furry best friend. Finding a dog-friendly home in a dog-friendly neighborhood can mean the difference between a short-term house or a long lasting forever home. The following tips can help you find the perfect piece real estate for you and your pup.

Tip #1: Be wary of HOAs

Home owner's associations (HOA) aren't necessarily bad, just make sure that there are no guidelines that can affect pet ownership. Never assume that you can change or ignore HOA rules, since this could lead to the unfortunate need to get rid of your pet or move when the HOA board enforces a dog-related rule. Not only do you want to make sure dogs are allowed, you will also want to check fencing regulations to ensure that you can have a dog-friendly yard solution. You may also want to check leash and walking rules for inside the neighborhood.

Tip #2: Check for dog-friendly features

Everyone has a different idea of dog-friendly features. If you are worried about stains and damage to flooring, you may prefer to look for durable floor types like tile instead of carpet. If do your own grooming, you may want to look for a large tub or an outdoor spigot that placed in a good area for outdoor bathing. Make a list of the features you currently have and want to keep or that you wish you had so you can watch for them as you check out homes.

Tip #3: Consider the different life stages

If your current dog is getting older, you may want to keep this in mind as you look at properties. For example, avoid homes with lots of stairs leading to the bedrooms if your dog normally sleeps at the foot of your bed. These stairs can be hard for older dogs with stiff joints, and you don't want to carry your pooch upstairs every night. Conversely, if you anticipate having puppies in the future you may want to avoid homes that may contain lead paint, since puppies are notorious for chewing and scratching up doors and trim.

Tip #4: Tour the neighborhood

Make sure the neighborhood is conductive to dog ownership, as well. It does you no good to have a large park nearby is it is unsafe or if dogs aren't allowed. Visit in the morning and evening – popular dog walking times, to see how many people are out walking and playing with their pups. The more dogs you see out and about, the more dog friendly the neighborhood is likely to be. Bonus points if there is a dog park nearby!

For more info, contact a real estate agent in your area.



28 September 2016

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