How Using A Realtor Can Get Your House Sold Faster


Has your house been on the market for a long time because no one has been interested in buying it? If you want to start seeing results and get the house sold, you should hire a real estate professional to help you out. In this article, learn what a real estate agent will do to attract buyers and what you will be charged for the help.

What Kind of Services Can a Real Estate Offer When Selling a House?

A real estate agent will perform a thorough research on what homes are generally sold for in your neighborhood, as competitive pricing is the key to getting the attention of potential buyers. You don't want to overprice the house by a large margin because it can lead to buyers not giving your home chance at all. However, pricing the home a little over what it is worth will give you room to negotiate if you need to.

Another service you can receive from the real estate agent is getting your house staged for appeal. Basically, the house will be furnished to give potential buyers an idea of what they can do if they make a purchase. House staging can also make buyers feel more comfortable when viewing the home. The real estate agent will use furnishings that you purchase or rent for staging the house. It is actually more strategic to buy the furniture used for house staging because you can make it a part of the deal when you receive an offer.

In order to make potential buyers aware that your house is on the market, the real estate agent will post ads, hand out flyers, and will host open house events. Open house events can lead to you getting multiple offers at a time, which can lead to your home being sold for a higher price if more than one buyer wants the house bad enough.

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Charge for Assistance?

The price charged for hiring a real estate agent to assist with selling your house will be based on what it is sold for. For instance, it is common for real estate agents to get a commission on the final sale that is valued at 10%. Keep in mind that you may also be charged fees for house staging so the furniture and accessories can be purchased. Get in touch with a real estate agent so he or she can find you a buyer!

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11 December 2015

Prioritizing Your Wish List

After I decided to buy a new home, I realized that I probably needed to prioritize the things on my wish list. Since I am not wealthy, I realized that I probably couldn't get everything that I wanted out of a single home--at least, not this time around. Fortunately, I worked with an incredible real estate agent who helped me to figure out which type of property would pay off in the end. Finding a home took a lot of time, but I am really pleased that I found the right one. This blog is all about learning to prioritize your home hunting wish list so that you can have the home and financial situation of your dreams.