5 Important Features Of Survival Property To Look For


One specialty area within real estate involves rural properties that are especially appealing to survivalists. These listings of lots, acreage and existing homes tend to have some similar important features. If you're in the market for real estate that will be your haven if a catastrophe with long-term effects occurs, consider the features that are likely to be essential.

Exposure for Solar Power

You have the option to cut down trees on your own land to get exposure for solar power. However, if a neighbor has a forested area blocking your southern exposure, this is probably not suitable property. If the electricity goes out for a long time, you'll need that solar power to keep the lights on, the appliances working and the well pump running.

Good Well Water

You may not be able to buy filters or water softener salt after a disaster that requires a long-term recovery. Before you buy land or a house in a rural area, investigate what the well water is like and consider whether you can tolerate it without treatment.

Excessive iron or sulfur, for instance, can be troublesome. Iron stains fixtures and laundry, and enough iron in the water can cause a metallic odor and flavor. Sulfur smells like rotten eggs.

Garden-Friendly Soil

You'll want land for gardening. That requires a big sunny space and good soil.  It difficult to grow most crops in soil with a high sand or clay content. Before you buy property, you may want to get the soil tested at a university extension, or you can buy an affordable kit to do this yourself.

Availability of Wild Game

If stores run out of meat, you can still provide your family with meat from wild game. Although squirrels and rabbits are relatively easy to find in many places, they don't supply a great deal of food. You may want to be within areas where deer, bear or other large animals roam.

No History of Flooding

Living on a flood plain during a time of widespread disaster is risky. You may not be able to make insurance claims if anything happens. Effectively cleaning up after a major flood without normal services and access to supplies is problematic.

Concluding Thoughts

When you begin your search for real estate, give an agent your basic criteria list. It may take some false starts before the two of you get in sync with what you're looking for, but once that happens, the agent will be an invaluable resource for finding your survival property. 


10 November 2015

Prioritizing Your Wish List

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